Check out what current and former students, parents, and staff are saying about Katie Corrie and her work in children's theatre!


"Before In The Limelight, we had done so much searching, exploring traditional activities for our son, certain he may surely indicate an interest in one out of so many, yet we continued to find him left flat with every new attempt. In The Limelight was referred to us, & we are currently "delighted" our son has been so fortunate to not only find an activity that has captured an interest within him - he has found a PASSION- for theater! Singing & dancing, comedy to drama, all of it! On days of the week, when he knows he is headed to, his second home, with all the friendships, all the 'digging deep', all the creativity, are the days he looks forward to so very eagerly! As a parent, to have a front row seat observing so much joy & enthusiasm bursting from your child is a true blessing! No longer feeling a need to conform to a social norm for boys, he has made so many friendships in which there is nothing but support for one another. A bully free zone. Children at ITL, are forming bonds sure to last them well into their teen, adult and professional careers. They often express how very much they feel like to family to each other. I am unable to think of any other venue that offers so very much for children & teens.

During our sons extended time with in the walls at ITL, he has experienced professional tutelage, hands on mentorship, individual coaching, & group rehearsals. In my opinion, ITL far succeeds to make your childs experience a very realistic portrayal of what it takes to put together a professional production. A balance of encouragement while teaching on stage presence, all the way from the technical behind the scenes direction.

We have found In The Limelight forward thinking in taking on productions of all sizes and more importantly not cast so many children that your child is totally lost in a massive ensemble! 

We look forward to so many many more seasons at In The Limelight. Each season opens up more & more of our child's self esteem in a very profound way, it is exciting to watch his drive grow & blossom while yearning to perfect his skill all the while expanding imagination, dreams, planning for his future on the stages of Broadway & beyond. With so much gratitude ITL, may you continue to impact & inspire so many more young imaginations with all your professional knowledge, hearts you offer unselfishly"

– Amy Osorio, Mother of Mateo, Orlando, FL 

"My first feeling walking through the door into In The Limelight was a comfortable home like feeling, but now that I have worked with all the amazing people this wonderful place has to offer, it has grown to be a much stronger emotion. I look forward to the days of rehearsals and classes at In The Limelight, and it has become the highlight of my weeks. The experience and knowledge I have gained from working with the talented instructors and kids can compare to no other theater I have worked with. In The Limelight has become my home away from home and all the amazing people have become my family. This theater has taught me so much and is raising me to become an extraordinary actress, I couldn't ask for anything more."

– Abbey Wetzstein, 16 year old performer, Clarcona, FL

 "My daughter joined the ITL "family" last fall in the Little Mermaid production. We quickly became big fans of the theater's approach. My daughter even has said to me "I feel like I could grow up there." And she is 7! Nothing but kudos for ITL. So glad we found one of the best not-so-hidden gems here in Orlando. We are hooked!"

– Amy Jill Clayman, Mother of Maddie, Orlando, FL

 "In the Limelight has become a wonderful new family for my dramatic daughter! Truly life changing! We love it!"

– Mona Gracen, Mother of Eislinn, Winter Garden, FL

"Truly AMAZING . . . WONDERFUL . . . FABULOUS! Such a SPECIAL group of actors, parents & directors to work with! We LOVE our In The Limelight FAMILY!"

– Tracy Losch, Mother of Olivia, Orlando, FL

"Olivia loves ITL! She loves that the plays are a manageable timeframe - giving her time with friends and family. I love how hands on the director Katie Corrie is and especially how positive Ms. Katie is. No matter what the circumstance a positive lesson is always learned. We love you ITL!!!"

– Amy DuBois, Mother of Olivia, Windermere, FL

 "In the Limelight has a been a safe, fun, learning environment where Emma has had the opportunity to experience the process of dedication, hard work, teamwork, and passion in the perfoming arts, particularly in musical theatre. She started two years ago as Belle in Beauty and the Beat and has added to her list Fame, The Little Mermaid, and Footloose. She has also made great friendships and continues to grow in dancing with Mr. Billy Browser, and acting with the help of the director, Katie Corrie. In an essay she wrote in school titled what was her favorite place, and she said In the Limelight!"

 – Mana Heistand, Mother of Emma, Winter Garden FL

 "Piper started middle school and audition for the school spring musical. She landed an understudy role and placed in the older kids musical theater program! The drama teacher mentioned that her audition was FANTASTIC! This is largely due to Piper's experience with In The Limelight. The whole process with ITL, prepares the children for the everything. Piper also familiar with the process of the production as well as the language. THANK YOU Katie!!"

– Jennifer Benton, Mother of Piper, Windermere, FL

"I love going to InTheLimelight for rehearsal for plays and Stanislaski classes!!! Every week I look forward to going to InTheLimelight. I love acting, and InTheLimelight gives me the opportunity to act in plays instead of just musicals. I love InTheLimelight!"

– Camryn Brown

"Orlando is so fortunate to have access to the caliber of theatrical and stage training offered by In the Limelight for our youth. Katie Corrie imparts a distinctly "Broadway" flair to her productions and harnesses the same kind of energy, expertise, guidance and frankness one would expect from a professional director. My daughter fell in love with theater and traded stage fright for radiant confidence under Katie's tutelage!"

– Katia Patterson, Mother of Sydney, Windermere, FL

"Katie Corrie was my daughter’s first experience with acting. My daughter was extremely shy and was bullied at school. Katie really understood her and helped her find ways to express herself which helps her on and off the stage. After almost a year with Katie, she moved from a walk on role with a few words to a lead role at In the Limelight and lead roles in non-limelight productions. Not only has she been an incredibly positive influence on my daughter, I am amazed at her ability to bring out the best in all her kids, keep on schedule, produce a high quality show and all with a very reasonable time commitment from her kids."

– Amanda Young, Mother of Abigail, Oviedo, FL

"A Katie Corrie-In the Limelight production always exceeds expectations in quality and professionalism. She truly enjoys teaching and directing young actors and it shows in her work and in the swift progress of her actors' skills. Ms. Katie fosters an environment of caring, supportiveness and family in every cast of every show, all the while challenging every actor to become better. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed performing in several of her productions and treasures the friendships she has made at In the Limelight!"

– Karla Schaefer, Mother of Sinclaire, Celebration, FL

 "Words can't express my gratitude and admiration for the hard working crew at In the Limelight. My daughter Gabriella has been acting with In the Limelight since June of '10 and it has been the most wonderful experience of her life. She has been given the opportunity to act in a variety of diverse roles and has grown tremendously as an actress. Katie Corrie is an amazingly caring director who looks at the best in each child and helps them bring it out. Billy Bowser is an amazingly talented choreographer, who deeply cares about the children he works with, making sure they feel comfortable and free to dance without fear of judgement. We are proud to be a part of the In the Limelight family! " 

– Damaris Rivera, Mother of Gabriella, Apopka, FL

"Being in production with Katie was a great experience for Jack. He learned much about being part of a team, acting, and made great friends! He also enjoyed seeing shows he was not in and supporting his friends. I would recommend getting started EARLY! Confidence gained at an early age can be a great blessing as kids grow up and face challenges in the real world!" 

– Terry Griffo, Mother of Jack, Los Angeles, CA/ Orlando, FL

"Directing children's theater is an easy endeavor; a show can be considered a "success" by parents with nothing more than lots of young kids in cute costumes. Directing a GOOD piece of children's theater...that is another thing entirely. What sets Katie Corrie far apart from other TYA (Theater For Young Audiences) professionals is her unwavering dedication to the kids in her charge, and a sincere passion to take them to a higher artistic level than where they started. A child in one of Katie's plays is not merely put in display, but rather made a part of a grand artistic vision that is felt palpably throughout the cast, no matter what their age. Parents be forewarned: when working on a production with Katie Corrie, your children may enter the process as mere kids...yet they will almost certainly come out as performers with an insatiable love of theater." 

– Corey Finkle, Writer, TV and Film Producer, Washington DC

 “The high expectations for professionalism and excellence that Katie Corrie sets for her actors propels them to a higher level. Her guidance and instruction are second to none. In today's market of acting classes, director workshops and drama summer camp, when your young actor performs under Katie's direction, you are never left wondering if you have invested your time and energy wisely.”

– Kim Schnacky, mother of Ally and Noah Schnacky, Windermere, FL

"As a parent of a performing arts student, I would have to say that Katie Corrie is the best director of children's theater that I have ever encountered in my life. Katie empowers her students to become the character and be the best actors they can be. My daughter attended Katie's Arts and Theater School in upstate NY, and is currently pursuing a BFA in Musical Theater in college. She was a good singer and actor, but Katie continued to challenge her, and demand better of her every time she stepped out on the stage. Katie is firm, but kind, demanding but polished, and every show is proof of her ability as a director and her love of theater is evident. Every young actor I speak to that has crossed paths with Katie, absolutely adores her."

– Lisa Bochenek, currently working in Afghanistan, mother to Rhiannon LaCross

"It is all too rare to find a person who possess both the patience and aptitude to successfully and creatively engage children in the theater arts. Katie has both in quantity. She unlocks in young people their own creativity, challenging them to go beyond the rote and dig more deeply into their work and themselves. The key, I think, to her success is her deep respect for children and the magic of childhood."

– Emily Grant, Executive Director, Glove Theatre, Gloversville, NY

"Having worked with many directors, we are extremely pleased with Mrs. Corrie's work. She created an environment where talent, hard work and directing came together to create an exceptional show where all the actors shined and were proud of their performance. With Mrs. Corrie it is more than just a business, she really cares about the quality of the show and the development of the actors. We are very happy with the results."

– Cecelia Rhoads, Mother of Shane, Sophie, Sydney and Skip Rhoads, Tampa, FL

"What makes Katie an amazing director is her love and dedication. She has the ability to get the best out of her kids and they truly WANT to do their best. She has a way of working with kids that gets them to not only perform a great piece of theatre but love what they are doing. She works with kids in such a way that they want to work together to put on a truly great ensemble piece. As performers, we want to do a great show not only for ourselves, but we Katie to be proud of us. She has a way of making all of us feel special and proud of the work we are doing. Katie inspires us to do our best. From Katie, I learned about team work, dedication, creativity on the stage and my over all love of theatre began with Katie."

– Seth Finkle, Equity Stage Manager, Washington DC

“I have been involved with theatre for many years and I have worked with many directors. Some were good, some were not, and some just didn't get it. One thing I can say about Katie Corrie is that she most definitely gets it. I have had the pleasure of working with Katie since I was seven years old, both as a student and an employee, and I can honestly say the experiences I have had working with her are some of the most rewarding in my life. Children’s theater is very common, but a good quality production is not. Katie will not settle for anything second rate. She expects the best out of her students and will not be satisfied until she gets it. It is amazing to watch a child evolve while working with Katie. She teaches and directs with such enthusiasm, she honestly believes in every single child that walks through her door and she makes sure they know they are capable of amazing things!” 

– Devan Rowe, Actress, Vocalist, Acting Teacher, Gloversville, NY

"Katie was the director of the first of many musicals I have been in and the experience I had with her was life-changing. She had such an effect on me both as an actor and as a teen-age girl who was essentially growing up and trying to find her niche in the world. Being near Katie made me want to be better at everything I did, because of her intense, but never overwhelming energy and her wonderful coaching and support. Years later, as an accomplished actress turned film student, I am extremely thankful to have met Katie, to have benefitted from her guidance, and to have enjoyed her friendship." 

– Irene Young, Nationally Featured Actress, USC film student

 "As a young actor, I had the opportunity to perform under Katie Corrie's direction multiple times. The skills and theatrical dialogue that I developed while studying and rehearsing with Katie provided me with the solid groundwork necessary for a young artist to have. Throughout my professional career as an actor, I have often reflected upon the time that I spent working with Katie...I am able to say with confidence that I still call upon the techniques learned while under her direction."

– Ann Rooney, Actor- AEA/Teacher, New York, NY

“I absolutely loved working side-by-side with Katie and I learned an immense deal about the value of working hard and having pride in your work. And, I truly believe that the children that will work with her in the future will be lucky to have such a talented and dedicated director to guide them.” 

– Nikki Lopez, Choreographer, Orlando, FL

“Katie was my first acting teacher and I learned so much from her. She is beyond amazing at what she does. She helped me when ever I was feeling insecure and wasn't really sure what to do. She made what I was doing fun and she is the reason why I now love acting so much.” 

– Heidi Jo Buanno, High School Senior, Gloversville, NY

“Right from my first audition for Katie I knew that she was an awesome director and person. At the audition she explained how she works and what she wanted to accomplish. She was the first community theatre director I had that did that. Rehearsals were fun and the members of the cast were great to be around. I had the privilege of being involved in two of Katie’s productions as well as one of her students in her Corrie Arts & Theatre School classes. Katie shaped me to be a better actress and I will always remember all those great times from the auditions to the cast parties.”

– Rebecca Gardner, Russell Sage ’10, Music/Theater, Troy, NY

"Although I've pursued a career in business and not the performing arts, the impact Katie Corrie had on me during my high school years was immense. Katie's productions helped me to get out of the way of my own teenage self-consciousness and become more self-aware, paving the way to becoming a confident and poised member of the business world. 

Katie draws the best out of her performers, not only through the discipline of memorization and being prepared for rehearsal, but through the more intangible benefits that develop as her performers become increasingly self-assured on the stage due to Katie's coaching. Katie is fantastic at what she does!" 

– Jennifer (Mikucki) Julie, Market Research Manager, AB-InBev, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I have only had the pleasure of doing one show with Katie, the summer before I started college when I was 18 years old. During that one show however it was easy to see her love and dedication to the theatre. A Katie Corrie quality production is like no other. She is a talented, hardworking individual with a great passion for theatre and a strong, guiding hand that helps to mold everyone around her into the best they can be. My only regret is that I never had the opportunity to do any further shows with Katie. She taught me a lot in one short summer and I know she had so much more to share. If there is anyone out there who could guide the future generation of theatre lovers into talented young actors it is Katie Corrie, no doubt about it. I wish that I had had the opportunity to be taught by someone like her when I was younger.” 

– Beth Sanges, Cazenovia College ‘10, Interior Design, NY

“Katie Corrie was one of the directors I assisted through several weeks of children's theatre summer camp. She dove head first into her endeavor of directing 30 something kids in Alice in Wonderlandin under 15 hours. When she was told she could not buy the royalties for a script, she decided to write one herself. When she was told there was not enough money in the budget for sets or costumes, she took it upon herself to make sets, to get costumes, because she knew these kids deserved it. I can vividly recall going over to Katie's house and her living room floor being covered in half made sets and a costume rack being assembled, with every costume having all their pieces put into plastic bags labelled specifically. You can't touch Katie's organization. Katie allows every child to explore their creativity while still showing them the boundaries needed to hone their talent. Children who were signed up because their parents wanted to send them off somewhere during the summer and weren't really interested in acting suddenly became enthralled when Katie introduced them to her fun filled and hands on method of directing. I've never had as much fun with a production as I did while assisting Katie Corrie.” 

– Amy Meagan Gates, Flagler College '12, St. Augustine, FL

“I have worked with Katie both as an employer, colleague and employee over a number of years and on a range of theatre productions. In that time she has proved to be an inspiration to both the older and the young. Her energy and passion for young people and the Arts is truly something to behold. I have rarely worked with someone as dedicated and energetic; in theatre these are must-have qualities. Katie’s particular strengths though are evident when she works with children. Of course she understands drama and theatre; but more importantly she understands children. I have yet to meet a child who didn’t love working with her, or look up to her. I just wish I could persuade her to work for me in my school here in England.” 

– John Kane (MBA, BA Hons., PGCE, NPQH), Vice Principal, United Kingdom

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